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Hey guys, I finally finished my song Jager Bomb after many excruciating hours, and no sleep. It'll be awhile till I upload more music as that one took alot out of me, and I have to work alot latley.

the music has been good

2009-11-13 12:29:08 by TheEscapeArtist

been making music, and uploading some of my old stuff


2009-11-12 23:30:54 by TheEscapeArtist

hey guys im abandoning this acct and making a new one, with new music making... umm im not giving the name of the acct just so i can stay anonymous, to everyone i said id collab with im sorry


2009-11-04 12:21:16 by TheEscapeArtist

music making has been pretty slow as far as deathmetal/metal is going... ive been writing alot of ambient songs latley... but im working on a heavy/death metal song now, which i hope will bang.

cant wait

2009-10-20 19:40:04 by TheEscapeArtist

Can't wait to start reviewing, voting, and listening/playing flash/audio submissions.
I'll even post some of my own music ;-)